The bushfires spreading across Australia have left hundreds and thousands of native wildlife devastated. With over a billion animals already having perished, Australia’s unique animal population continues to be under threat, with no sign of the bushfires abating soon. Globally, individuals, charities and other organisations are working overtime to help save Australia’s animal population. At Wearsyzygy, we would like to pledge our solidarity with saving and protecting Australia’s unique wildlife. The proceeds from our limited edition Support Australia collection will be donated towards an organisation that is dedicated to resolving this crisis. Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors has been working tirelessly to evacuate animals from danger zones, and providing essentials needed for their survival.Protecting our natural ecosystems is a cause very dear to us at Wearsyzygy, making the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors a natural choice when it comes to doing our bit for nature. Support us generously in our efforts to protect Australian wildlife. Shop Wearsyzygy's Support Australia collection now.

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