Erika x SZG is all about firsts. The first collaboration (of many such). The first amalgamation of fitness, food and fun. Get obsessed! WEARSYZYGY mirrors your passion; it is an extension of your persona. So is Erika x SZG. This collection is all about clothing that speaks to you. A fashionista who lives and breathes fitness, Erika Packard is everything that WEARSYZYGY symbolises. Clothing that is fun yet functional is what you’ll find Erika in, which has translated into WEARSYZYGY’s collaboration with her. Deeply involved in the design process, WEARSYZYGY now defines Erika. It’s time to get moving, because garments that echo the philosophy of WEARSYZYGY and Erika Packard are yours for the taking. We can’t get enough of ‘Bar Bie’ and ‘The Burgers’; can you?

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