About Us

WEARSYZYGY is a fashion label based in Mumbai, that amalgamates the wearer and the garment. It promises versatile clothing lines in refreshing styles and designs that are classic. Every collection is minimalistic in design, yet high on style. Staying true to the aesthetic is what defines WEARSYZYGY. The brand is committed with unwavering focus and determination to create garments that focus as much on quality and fit as style.

At WEARSYZYGY, we’re inspired by the fear of being average. With distinct, one of a kind pieces, to be able to showcase one’s personality without words is WEARSYZYGY. As a wearer, we’d love you to have the complete WEARSYZYGY experience. We encourage you to have fun with your clothing even as we focus on the design and detail. WEARSYZYGY isn’t a garment in isolation. You are WEARSYZYGY. WEARSYZYGY is you.

Tell us what WEARSYZYGY means to you, and we’ll bring it to life.


WEARSYZYGY is but an extension of Aditi Dhanu, the force behind it all.

Passion. Fashion.

Passion for fashion? Fashion with passion?

That’s Aditi for you, ideating and working on each bespoke garment herself. With every capsule that she creates, she explores her love for fashion even further. She translates this very detail into her work, and draws inspiration from quality time spent with her inner circle.

Come, explore and build your WEARSYZYGY.